Nov 3: hike - KVR from OK Falls to Vaseau ponds

Elvia led a group of ten on this hike.  Starting a couple of kilometers south of PK Falls we hiked south along the KVR  next to Vaseau Lake wetlands until we reached the first of the large circular coves at the end of the lake.  After lunching there we hiked part-way up the steep slope near the foot of Mt. Keogan to take a look at the native indian pictographs.  Another highlight was the abundant birdlife, including Bald Eagles, White Pelicans and Swans.

We returned to our trailhead, first via the cleared straight path of the burried gas main, before crossing the dike at the south end of the wetland to follow the OK river channel.  The skies were cloudy all day but we were happy to escape without being rained on.

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